Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yea Chelsea!

I've mentioned a couple times here how much I've come to enjoy watching soccer over the last couple of years.  Today it was made even more worthwhile as my team, the Chelsea Blues defeated Bayern Munich to win the UEFA Champions League tournament-- apparently the most prestigious competition in the sport (certainly among European clubs).  Chelsea did this despite being decided underdogs through the last few rounds, including in today's final. But thanks to the heroics of goaltender Petr Cech (who stopped three-- three!-- penalty shots by Munich) and striker Didier Drogba (who scored the tying goal with just two minutes remaining in regulation, then calmly scored the decisive tally when the game went to penalty kicks; second from right above), they came out on top, despite Munich's edge in just about every statistical measure (e.g., shots, possession time, 16 corners to only one for Chelsea, etc.).  After a game like this, which was televised on US network TV (somewhat to my surprise), it remains a total mystery to me as to why so many Americans (and especially sportscasters) refuse to embrace this exciting sport.  Their loss.

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