Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been through Portland, Oregon a few times before, but never really spent any time there (aside from a couple visits to Powell's bookstore and the art museum).  After a couple of days of wandering around the town last week, I'm even more impressed by the place.  For one thing, it's very pedestrian (and bike) friendly, so it was easy to wander around a bit and explore.  The shot above was taken in the park that runs along the Willamette River that cuts through the downtown of the city.

The shot at top was taken looking to the north, this one looking south.  The park itself was quite busy, even though it was a workday morning.  Actually, with all the nearby office and commercial buildings, maybe many of the folks strolling or pedaling along were actually on their way to work. 

This is a spot called Ankeny Square, a couple of blocks west of the river.  It almost looks like a piazza one might find in Italy or Spain.  The last picture below was snapped on the campus of Portland State University, which was located just on the edge of downtown Portland.  Looks like a nice place to go to school.

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