Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rockin' the Moore, Part 1

Last Sunday I was in the audience at the Moore Theater to see and hear the Seattle Rock Orchestra (featuring my niece Marenka on bassoon) play the Beatles' Rubber Soul and Revolver in their entirety (with encores devoted to three singles from that same period of the band's career).  The orchestra was ably abetted by a series of locally prominent artists who handled the vocal duties, each taking three songs (though often re-emerging to add harmonies to one of their colleagues' sets).  I had a great time, almost as good as if the Beatles themselves somehow put on the show.  Above are Mychal Cohen and Melodie Knight of Campfire OK, handling the first three songs, and getting things off to a rousing start.  The conductor (the silhouette on the right) is Kim Roy.

It was gratifying that they let me bring in my camera with my big zoom lens, so I could get shots like this one of the violinists from two-thirds of the way back in the auditorium.  I was also gratified to see that, even pumping the ISO setting up to 3200 (I never went that high before, but it was somewhat necessary given the lighting), I got some pretty sharp images.  Now I'm really looking forward to taking pictures at other shows, now that I've determined that setting will work out okay.

Here's the other side of the orchestra, including about the clearest shot I got of Marenka (see the white arrow?), who was often obscured by the cellists in front of her.  This shot is for Liz-- who wanted me to capture the antics of bassist and orchestra founder Scott Teske.  He's the the guy on the right whose head is a blur of motion, behind the cellist. 

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