Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cascade Locks

One of the stops I made on my recent travels around the Pacific Northwest was a small place called Cascade Locks, which I'm guessing were created back when there was a dam constructed on the Columbia nearby (but which isn't there any longer).  There's a nice little park there, which I strolled around, taking pictures.

Lewis and Clark went through here, and there's a nice statue of Sacagawea pointing to the west.  She's reaching back to touch the hand of her son, who she carried along on the expedition. Alongside the sculpture of Sacagawea is another of Seaman, Captain Lewis' Newfoundland dog, who also accompanied his master on the trip. 

This sternwheeler was docked near the statues.  I'm guessing it's used for party cruises and the like. In the picture below, it appears that the local geese appreciate the scenery too.

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