Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Trip Pics

As one drives along I-84 on the south shore of the Columbia River, where it serves as the boundary between Oregon and Washington, there are several spots where you can take a scenic loop along old State Highway 30 (which was there before the interstate). That original highway was apparently designed to maximize the feeling of driving along a gorge, with lots of narrow, winding curves taking you high above the river before descending back down to I-84 along the shore.  These three pictures were taken from a scenic overlook at the top of one such loop just west of The Dalles. Above is the view looking east along the river.

The second shot is looking from more or less the same vantage point, but to the northwest and the palisades on the Washington side of the river. Below is looking back down on one of the many hairpin turns that must be negotiated to get up to the lookout spot.


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