Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip Pictures

I spent much of the past week driving around the great Pacific Northwest taking lots of pictures, a number of which I'll be posting here over the next few days.  Above is a shot of Mount Hood taken from a spot on the northern bank of the Columbia River, where I was pleasantly surprised to discover...

... a life-sized re-creation of the Stonehenge monument in England! I must have driven by this spot three or four times in the past and either did not notice the signs leading to this intended World War I memorial, or didn't imagine that they advertised something worth checking out.  In either case, I did stop this time, and it was definitely worth the visit.

The guy who had this built believed that the original was some kind of monument to peace, and so he thought it would be a nice tribute to those who died in World War I, and might inspire people to avoid war in the future. Apparently, it is one of the first memorials to the veterans of the Great War to be erected in this country, started in 1918 and completed in the early twenties.  

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