Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Pictures of Vancouver

The last major stop on my circuit of the Pacific Northwest was Vancouver, BC, where I spent a wonderful day mostly wandering around Stanley Park. The Park sits on a large peninsula in the center of the city, which sticks out into what I believe is Georgia Strait, and affords all manner of picturesque vistas of the city and the surrounding mountains and waterways.  Above is the southwest corner of the park that adjoins the edge of downtown Vancouver.

There's a beautiful beach stretching out from that same SW corner pictured above.  I'm guessing that in the summer, this place is packed, and the bordering neighborhood has lots of restaurants and small shops to make the rea doubly attractive to tourists.

Here's a view of the beach from the other end, giving a nice view of both the high-rise apartment buildings near the Park and also the mountains in the distance.  Below, another perspective of Stanley Park, with a big tanker looming off the coast (there were actually quite a lot of those ships out there).

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