Friday, April 20, 2012

Soup Diary 120420

Last night I attended the annual International Food Fair here in town, and for the first time was one of the cooks. This is an annual affair to raise money for students who are studying abroad, and it keeps getting bigger every year, at least in terms of the amount of different dishes offered (all brought by volunteers like me, and representing a variety of ethnic fare.   My contribution was a big pot of African Peanut Soup, which I first had at Fables Cafe about four years ago-- in fact it was one of the "exotic" varieties that launched me on my quest to sample as many different kinds of soup as I could find, and write them up in this diary.  I found a recipe on-line, and added a few variations in my version: I added a couple of sweet potatoes (and next time, I'll add a couple more as their impact was somewhat muted in this batch), and mild salsa in place of plain diced tomatoes.   Just about every one who had some came back with compliments, though only about twenty folks actually tried it (there were a lot of options at this year's fair, so I can't complain if the customers filled up at other stations).  I'll probably bring it again next year, with a few modifications (including reducing it from 50 to 30 servings).  I'm going to be enjoying the leftovers for the next week at least, so there's a good chance I won't be writing about anything new here for awhile. 

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