Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Titanic Site

I don't consider myself a Titanic buff (like my nephew Ben), but I found this photo essay about remnants of that famous disaster that still exist in New York City to be quite fascinating.  Be sure to click the link at the bottom of that page to take you to Part 2.


Anonymous said...

I know one of the folks who restored pieces from the Titanic. She actually got to go out to the spot and help retrieve items (she consulted on what she thought could be restored as they guided the robot subs). She had all of the pieces in a nondescript warehouse restoring them, so I got to see them. It was pretty spooky. When I saw them they were all still submerged in ocean water.


John Hajduk said...

That would be spooky. There was an article in the New Yorker a couple weeks ago that examined the reasons this tragedy resonates so much more than other similar disasters (like the Lusitania), which was true even before the Cameron movie. It's worth looking for if you get a chance.
Dr. John