Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Quote

I thought this was an interesting observation from the mathematician and engineer Charles Proteus Steinmetz (1865-1923):

"Spiritual power is a force which history clearly teaches has been the greatest force in the development of men. Yet we have been merely playing with it and never have really studied it as we have the physical forces. Some day people will learn that material things do not bring happiness, and are of little use in making people creative and powerful. Then the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over to the study of spiritual forces which have hardly been scratched."

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Anonymous said...

When my college room mate married, her father (a wonderful musician) actually composed an entire Mass for her wedding. It was one of the most beautiful Masses I had ever attended. When Rosemary returned from her honeymoon, a whole bunch of us gathered at her parent's house. Naturally the conversation turned to that Mass and how it was composed. Her father went into great detail playing three notes on the piano and explaining how he built the Gloria and Preface on just those three notes. I was fascinated and said I could play those three notes all day and that's all they would be. Just how did he know how to write such magnificent music from just those three notes? He laughed and said in his thick German accent,"AHH, Mary Elizabet, If one would make something where nothing was before, one had to be very close to their own Creator."

Your Charles Proteus Steinmetz was obviously of the same mind. Mom