Friday, April 27, 2012

More Friday Family Blogging

Marenka and her dad Richard. Considering that Marenka graduated from college last year, I know this one goes back a few years-- long enough that I had totally forgotten that tapestry hanging on the back of the front door.  


Lil' Sis said...

Dr John,
Aren't they cute =) Hair looks reddish but neither has a single red hair in their head =) I think I made that hanging in college - whatever happened to it?
Lil' Sis

John Hajduk said...

Lil Sis,
The red tint may be a result of this being from a scan of a negative that has been aging in a shoe box for the last twenty or so years-- I've noticed that the colors are kind of off in a lot of the images I've "rescued" over the past few weeks. If I ever find the prints, I can use them for comparison-- but I've taken a lot of pictures over the years, and while they are almost all in albums, it would take me weeks to find any one shot in particular (I've never been strong on labeling or cataloging ;-)
Dr. John

Lil' Sis said...

Dr John,
That ok - don't trouble yourself ( I have always been partial to red heads) so I just love this photo =)

Anonymous said...

Did I really let you hang that thing on the front door ???????Mom