Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Washington Trip

Natalie, Ben and I spent a few days on the road this past week, visiting Washington DC (and a couple other spots).  These are a few pictures from our first evening in the capital, starting with a shot of the National Archives building (where I turned down a job about twenty years ago).  The plaza there was where we got off the train to begin our walk around the Mall.

There was a giant movie screen set up in the middle of the Mall, and a big crowd waiting to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I told Ben and Natalie that if they would have been showing It Happened One Night (scheduled for next week according to a poster we saw), I would have insisted we stay to watch, but I wasn't abut to inflict Butch Cassidy on them (one of the most overrated movies ever, in my opinion).  That's the Smithsonian Castle int he background.

Instead of staying for the film, we walked down to the Lincoln Memorial (seen above in the distance behind the Washington Monument).  They were doing a lot of work on the grounds, and several areas were fenced off (including, unfortunately, the reflecting pool). But there were a lot of folks out exploring like us, enduring the extremely warm weather.

The World War II Memorial was not yet built the last time I was in DC, and it's an impressive memorial, maybe especially at night (sitting between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial). We spent a little while walking around the site.

Looking back the way we came from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I'll be posting more pictures from our trip over the next week or so.

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