Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Batch of DC Photos

Here are a last few photos taken a couple weeks back on my trip to Washington with Ben and Natalie.  Above is the fountain in the middle of the national Gallery of Art.

The old Post Office Building in DC has been converted to a touristy mall, with restaurants, boutiques and a performance space.  But the most interesting part of the place remains the architecture.

The main hall of the American Art Gallery (not to be confused with the National Gallery of Art) was once the Patent Office, and this main hallway was once considered the largest room in the country-- necessary to hold all the models of inventions that passed through the building.

After leaving DC, we stopped in Frederick, MD on our way to Gettysburg.  This was a display in an antique store there.  Below are Ben and Natalie outside of an old mansion in the town.

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