Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Washington Photos

A few more pictures from our trip to DC last week.  Above is a shot through one of the archways that make the Union Station such an architectural landmark.

A view of the capitol from the east side of building. The Supreme Court Building is also  nearby.

 I remember years ago wandering into the Library of Congress, going to the card catalog and looking up an obscure pamphlet, whose number I passed to a librarian, and ten minutes later I was perusing the booklet at one of the tables in the iconic reading room.  Nowadays, that whole area is secured and accessible only to those registered as serious researchers.  That's tto bad, but at least the lobby is still open to casual visitors, and it's kind of impressive too.

We didn't go into the Botanical Gardens (the prospect of the likely humidity being rather off putting in the 90+ degree heat), but even the grounds looked pretty nice. 

We did go into the Museum of the American Indian though, and it was quite cool (in both senses of the word), starting with the impressive architectural design.

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