Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Song

I've gotten so used to finding pretty much everything on YouTube that it's kind of shocking when I can't find something I'm looking for on that site.  Here's a good example: this appears to be the only clip by a wonderful group called the Mary Janes, who never got much attention when they were active, and now appear to have been largely forgotten. It's sad too, because their two albums are excellent all the way through.  Anyway, here's the only thing I could find by them on YouTube:


T said...

Hi John,

Are you aware of this site?

Warning! - total time suck!

I've been really enjoying it, and thought of you when I came across that page. Have fun :)


John Hajduk said...

Thanks for the link-- you're right, there's some fun stuff here. I have to object to the headline giving Jagger credit for being the bandleader-- at that point it was Brian Jones (here named as Elmo Lewis) who was the real driving force.
Dr. John