Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Photos

I've been experimenting with my camera recently and have come up with a technique that leads to some interesting, "dream-like" effects.  These three examples, which illustrate the technique are all unretouched or edited-- what you see is what I shot.  I doubt that I'm the first to discover this process, but feeling just a little self-satisfied that I figured it out on my own.

These three photos were taken, respectively, in Chestnut Ridge Park, Niagara Falls (looking out over Terrapin Point, where Nick Wallenda started his recent walk), and Audubon Woods. I'm inclined to think (especially based on these examples) that natural light is the better condition for this effect.  Comments?

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Lil' Sis said...

Dr John,
These are so cool - I think I like the last one best - looks like you are looking through an old piece of glass =)
Love to know how you did it - and could I do it on my camera....?
Lil' Sis