Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Week's Top Five List

My radio show, Dr. John's Record Shelf, is undergoing some renovations over the next few weeks as we review some of the regular features to determine whether or not they should continue.  But you can rest assured that the Top Five List isn't going away, and I'll continue to post them here as they are broadcast.  This week's list was inspired by a viewing of the classic Fred Allen motion picture It's In the Bag.  Those who've seen the movie will recognize the connection immediately; if you haven't seen it, well, I recommend a visit to Netflix or some other video source...


Anonymous said...

Good Heavens, John, when did you ever see a flea circus? I had no idea you knew so much about fleas.
Lots of funny things there, I guess..........Mom

John Hajduk said...

Fred Allen played the proprietor of a flea circus in the movie mentioned. Also, it came up in a book I read this summer about the photographer Diane Arbus and a Times Square tourist trap where she took pictures.
Dr. John