Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Day at the Zoo 1

Trying to think of someplace to go and take pictures yesterday, I hit on the idea of visiting the Idaho Falls Zoo.  I took a lot of photos, and here are a few that I thought turned out pretty good.

I took over 100 shots of the penguins, and this is one of about six that looked any good.  I don't know why they were so hard to capture-- it wasn't like they were moving around too much.

A lot of the animals were behind wire fences (you can make see the blur of the wire in this shot across the parrot's beak), so it was a bit of a challenge to get good shots.  I'm pretty pleased with this one even despite the blurry part.

More fence.  These brown pandas were one of the most interesting exhibits-- they were very active wandering around their pen, and I even saw a couple of them get into a brief tussle-- but the fence made it very difficult to get a focused picture.  This one was about the best. 

The tiger and lions were a special highlight.  I'll post some pictures of the latter tomorrow or the next day.  

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