Friday, August 17, 2012

Sioux Falls

I've driven through Sioux Falls South Dakota many times over the years, and even spent the night there a few times.  But until this past week, I never took the time to go and look and the Falls that give the place its name.

There's quite an impressive park through which the Big Sioux River flows with the falls and rock formations taking on the appearance of a kind of mini Grand Canyon, which can be easily traversed by foot.

The buildings on the left are the remnants of a mill that was built in the 19880s, and which went bust within a couple of decades-- never receiving enough grain to make the endeavor worthwhile.  But the ruins add a nice historical touch to the surroundings.

 Possibly the coolest feature of the place is that you can walk out onto the rocks and right up to the water over almost the entire stretch of the Falls. I saw a lot of kids hopping from one dry spot to another, but couldn't quite time one to catch them in flight.

One last shot, this one looking north from the Falls. The tower in the background is part of the park (though I didn't go up).  I'm glad I finally got a look at this spot, as hiking around and taking pictures made for a very pleasant evening.

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